Wednesday, September 1, 2010

4th grade History and Geography

I'm still basing my schedule and curriculum choices on the suggestions found in the Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Modern Age - 1850 to the present, Usborne Encyclopedia of World History.
We will follow the same pattern as before with narration (I read the lesson and have N write short compositions of 2-3 paragraphs), illustrations, coloring pages, maps and library visits.
This is the perfect time to dig in to United States History as a separate History subject, although we did a little bit last term.
Goals for history this year will be:
*Memorize the 50 states and their capitals and be able to locate them on the map
*Memorize the U.S. Presidents
*Memorize the Preamble to the Constitution
*Memorize the Gettysburg Address
*know the purpose of the ammendments to the Constitution
*Memorize the dates of the major wars from 1850 to the present
*Spend 3-6 weeks on our state's history
*Field trips to historic local sites
*State scrapbook
*Complete a U.S.A. Flag timeline

Topics we will cover:
Africa under European control
the Indian mutinies
the Crimean War
the Victorian Era
the War between the States (Civil War)
exploration of the American West
Euro-American conflict with the Native American tribes
the Boxer Rebellion
World War I
the Russian Revolution
the Soviet Union
the Great Depression
the New Deal
civil war in Spain
the Axis and the Allies
World War II
Nazi Germany/Hitler
the Holocaust
Zionism/the Jews' return to Palestine
apartheid/South African segregation
China under Mao
the Korean War
the civil-rights movement
the Vietnam War
landing on the moon

List of important Men and Women to cover:
Andrew Jackson
Louis Joseph Papineau
Samuel Morse
Commodore Matthew Perry
Santa Anna
Robert E. Lee
Abraham Lincoln
David Livingston
Otto von Bismarck
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Karl Marx
Queen Victoria
Victor Emmanuel II
Susan B. Anthony
Florence Nightingale
Harriet Tubman
Ulysses S. Grant
Catewayo of the Zulus
Sitting Bull
Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
George Custer
Claude Monet
Alexander Graham Bell
Thomas Edison
Mutsuhito (emperor of Japan)
Theodore Roosevelt
Henry Ford
Wilbur and Orville Wright
Mahatma Gandhi
Vladimir Lenin
Winston Churchill
Josef Stalin
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Charles de Gaulle
Francisco Franco
Mao Zedong
Czar Nicholas II
Amelia Earhart
Albert Einstein
Charles Lindbergh
John F. Kennedy
Nelson Mandela
Margaret Thatcher
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Neil Armstrong
Saddam Hussein
Bill Gates
Ronald Reagan

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